During his lifetime, artist Le Ba Dang had envisioned a space which could facilitate his creativity and exhibit his full-scale artworks. When he passed away in 2015, that dream was left unfulfilled.

Mrs. Lê Cẩm Tế, who had spent more than a decade working with Le Ba Dang, was well aware of his lifelong vision to create his own artist’s paradise and made it her responsibility to fulfill his wishes post-humously. She began by locating a plot of land to build Lebadang Memory Space, which she found in Hương Thủy town. Previously, it was a vacant hill where the soil was red, hard and rocky. Despite being discouraged by peers from choosing this particular location, she envisioned a beautiful space and pursued upon her initial admiration for the land.

In 2016, the year after Lê Bá Đảng’s passing, Mrs. Cẩm Tế invited Mrs. Myshu, the wife of Lê Bá Đảng, to visit the plotted land for Memory Space. Upon discussing the project and ideas, Mrs. Myshu gave her full approval and has continued to show her support since.

The first of many considerations was the architectural design. After a range of suggestions were discussed, the decision was made by Mrs. Myshu to use a Lê Bá Đảng paper artwork as the architectural model for the main building. Mrs. Myshu also asked for absolute loyalty to the original. With the collaboration and contributions of a consortium of people including architect Hồ Viết Vinh, artist Tô Bích Hải, media designer Luc Ho, interior designer Éric Mignard and constructional engineer Vũ Văn Kiên, the small-scale artwork was turned into the magnificent building that stands today.

“The garden is my soul and love for Mr. Lê Bá Đảng and Mrs. Myshu” Mrs. Cẩm Tế said. She specifically chose the flowers, fruit trees, and bougainvillea which were loved by Lê Bá Đảng. The flowers’ palette of purples and reds form the garden’s theme.

On 21st April 2019, Lê Bá Đảng’s vision was realized with the opening of Lebadang Memory Space in Kim Sơn hamlet, Thủy Bằng commune, Hương Thủy town, Thừa Thiên Huế province. With support from local and international friends and admirers of Lê Bá Đảng, Mrs. Lê Cẩm Tế’s mission and Lê Bá Đảng’s vision had been completed.

Lebadang Memory Space now serves as an exhibition for the artworks which Mrs. Myshu gave to Mrs. Cẩm Tế along with the ones which were entrusted to Mrs. Lê Cẩm Tế by Lê Bá Đảng from 2009 to 2012 and also given to her during the 10+ years working with him. The space is also set to be the destination for encounters, exchanges of people who love fine art in general and Lebadang art in particular as well as to host future events.

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